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OVER Visually Enhanced Radio

OVER is the automation solution to deliver high-quality video based on your data sources. OVER handles production-related data (“NOW PLAYING”, news feeds, etc.) as well as external data sources. It may even integrate your favorite social media content via sister product FlypSite.

OVER is part of the Odeon product family and as such offers data processing, automation and administration facilities.

OVER’s focus is to enhance live radio broadcasts with compelling video content — including branding, layout, animation, video playback; all controlled by event-driven auto timelines (call it artificial intelligence, if you want!).

Automated Video Content Creation

Think of visually enhanced radio as a means of attracting people to your broadcast in new ways — without the cost of a TV broadcast production. OVER delivers auto-generated video, displaying animated content and video clips based on data-sources controlled by the broadcaster or external data providers.

OVER video may be used standalone or as part of a program direction solution such as SCISYS Media Solutions' Viura or similar products. In combination with Viura ‘s auto-direction solution, OVER provides pre-rendered lower-thirds, a base feed that is shown whenever live footage from the studio is not adequate — or even the full video feed, depending on the type of broadcast.

OVER uses Blackmagic Decklink Hardware for SDI output.

Event-driven Timelines

OVER video playout depends on auto-generated timelines and events. Timelines are a sequence of views to be shown and their timing information. Events are used to create, modify or delete the current timeline. Events may be triggered externally (“NOW PLAYING”, “CHANGE OF BROADCAST”, “CHANGE OF BRANDING”), by a timer or by various internal triggers.

Odeon Workflows

Odeon is the workflow backend that handles all the data integration and processing. Odeon knows how to use sources in various formats (XML, JSON, etc.), it has various communication features (SSH, SCP, FTP, HTTP, etc.) and may acquire data via “watchfolders”, time-triggered requests or other data related events — inside and outside your organization.

Odeon workflows are fully scriptable. Data acquisition, processing and forwarding is in full control of your admin.

Multisource Data Integration

OVER may use data from various sources concurrently. Some examples:

Animation Templates

OVER’s presentation layer is provided by our Maongo™ templating framework optimized for multi-layer layout, animation and video playback. Controlled by the Odeon timeline engine it is able to respond to timeline events with a high-quality, full HD animated video output.

FlypSite Integration

FlypSite provides social media aggregation, curation and automation features and tightly integrates with OVER. Enhancing radio broadcast with a broadcaster’s latest social media posts or user-generated content seems like a cool idea ;-)

OVER’s little sister for DAB+

Do you think of accompanying your broadcast with pictures — but the standard way? We also offer a playout solution for DAB+ (MOT Slideshow ETSI TS101499 v2.3.1) and radioVis / RadioDNS, producing highly optimized graphics for display in DAB radios, your web player or radio app. See Maongo Radio Show.

It's all about #visualradio ...

Visual content for your radio broadcast, produced in a cost-effective and practical way.